The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Listen to the Children

A balloon flew past my window
All clothed in scarlet cloth
The basket swung beneath it
Like a huge exotic moth
Protected in the basket
Stood a small excited boy
The world spread out below him
Like a giant’s forgotten toy
He saw the seas a–glitter
And the deserts stretching wide
He saw the cool green forests
And he felt a surge of pride
He wanted to protect it
This fragile planet earth
To stop the changing climate
And global warming getting worse
From the safety of the basket
He called to those below
‘Please stop what you are doing and -
Let our planet grow!’

About the Writer

Kit Weston

Kit is a primary teacher, enthusiastic reader and creative writer. Time with her class during lock-down (Badgers, you know who you are!) was the kick-start needed to take writing more seriously. Kit is now a librarian and spends a lot of time writing and uniting children with the book that will be ‘The One’ to convert them into avid readers.