The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Liquid Filled Magic

Slish slosh swimming fish
Slip between the waves
Marine fish that gleam fish
With colours supreme fish
Splish in the water
Then flit flit away
Hide behind weed fish
Tiny like seed fish
Shoals with one movement
a sunlit metallic fish

Big swishy fan tails
Humungous big blue whales
Sharpest toothed sharks
And the jolly small
Clown fish

Alien strange creatures
All living within
Some with bright lights
Or fine sets of lace fins
Searching long tentacles
Reaching around
Wonder filled movement
along ocean grounds

Owned by eight-legged octopus
So strange and cool
don’t let him mislead you
He’s really no fool

Colourful jelly fish
Sea salty smelly fish
Clippy red crab
Watch your fingers
He’ll grab!

A pod of smooth dolphins
Clicking and happy
Curious sea lions
With fins that are clappy

Hoppy green frogs
Slippy rough toads
We all have to wait while they’re
Crossing the roads

Peer inside the wet world
Get in take a look
It’ll be you that gets caught
on a wonder filled hook
From now on stop and think
When your living your life
You just may be causing
them trouble and strife

Stop using plastic
And chemical lotions
Instead use the earth
Produced powerful potions
keep their world clean
For their loss would be tragic
So selfish

To wipe out a
Liquid filled magic

About the Writer

Sarah King

Sarah lives in Pembrokeshire in Wales. She is a teacher, therapist, poet, writer, giggler, mother, grandmother to Percy Jackson (it's true, really!) Likes people, words, animals and the planet.