The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Lickawish Allsports

Ten bad men
played badmenten
Nine giants
played squash
I saw eight carrots
practising carote
And seven grasshoppers out on the field
playing cricket
Six bees on a rug
played rugbee
I saw five ghosts
playing shockey
And there were four goalposts
playing a round of goalf
Three tall palm trees
had a game of nutball
While two spoons
played bowls
And out in the park, one lonely leg
was kicking a footie

About the Writer

Harry Glass

Harry Glass is a Year 6 primary school teacher in north London who regularly writes children’s poems on his blog ( Before teaching, he used to be a travel writer and magazine editor. He also loves writing songs. And tennis. (He plays tennis, he doesn’t write it.)