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Poetry for Children

Letterbox Magic

Listen to Kay's poem ... read by JH
Why not paint your pictures on a postcard.
Paint your pictures outside as the primrose flower petals fall and form fairy tale fashions for emerald jewelled wings, yellow sunbeam scarves, and pink petal pockets.
You can pencil bright colour bursts of all the magic you can share within every corner of your postcard and in every empty and blank space.
Plant wild and red poppy seeds on the paper pages and post them in parcels sealed with the stripes of rainbow strings
Post your poems in the red post box at the end of your meadow garden.
And know your sunshine and star shapes, chirping birdsong, and kind kings will tinkle through a letterbox.
With summer evening spells sent in envelopes and warm winter jewelled wools weaving warmth on the doorstep.
There will be a siren of songs and a mermaid's magic stare to let someone know how very much you will share your every Spring and Summer Day.
It all chases away loneliness and boredom, and it is a magic spell made with sky and art with love and care all by you.

About the Writer

Kay Medway

Kay works full-time in libraries and enjoys both reading and writing poetry in all of her free time. She has had poetry featured in a positive news local community zine called The Happy Hood. Kay has also written poetry regarding her family history stories for 60 Miles by Road or Rail in her local community.