The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Letter to the Wind from a Shaggy Rose



I know you are the very biggest strongest thing
on this earth
but please stop pushing

slow down wind

just think
about me for a minute
what if my fresh-painted petals
get too ruffled and
sail away in one of your
winding whirl-a-gigs
far to the way-other-side
of the globe

and then

what if one of my
still-hushed blossoms
snaps off
falls to the ground
lies there broken-hearted
looking like an sad sad smudge of
rag-tag dirt

look wind

I know you are
strong as planet-twirl
big as measureless sky
lighter than any sunbeam-flick
'cause most days

I hear you

telling clouds where to go
giving rain drops their directions
stampeding dust from
one side of the world
to another

you see wind

I know you have
all the power to do
whatever you want
whenever you want

but truth is

if I could see you in person
if you could be solid for just a blink
right in front of me

I would tell you directly
face to face breath to breath
stop pushing

because a rose


is also

no small thing

About the Writer

Zaro Weil

Zaro has been a lot of things: dancer, theatre director, actress, poet, playwright, educator, quilt collector and historian, author, publisher and a few others. She has been collecting American quilts for more than twenty years and has exhibited her collection variously in London galleries. She has written on quilts for Vogue, Elle Decoration, Traditional Homes and Interiors as well as numerous newspapers. Her poetry for children has appeared in many anthologies. She has written several books including a book of children’s poetry, Mud, Moon and Me (Orchard Books, UK and Houghton Mifflin, USA), Firecrackers (Troika) illustrated by Jo Riddell and Cherry Moon (2020 CLiPPA Award Winner).