The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Letter Garden

Listen to Julie read her poem ...
Breathe out some words
hold them in your hands,
give them to a windy day
and watch where they land.

Bury them now they rest
as deep as you can go,
water them with happy thoughts
in time they’re sure to grow.

About the Writer

Julie Stevens

Julie Stevens writes poems for both adults and children. They sometimes reflect the impact MS has on her life. Her children’s poems have been published in Parakeet Magazine, Buzgaga, The Toy, Tyger Tyger Magazine, The Dirigible Balloon, Better Than Starbucks, Brian Moses’ blog, The Poetry Realm and The Reading Realm and in anthologies. She has two published adult pamphlets: Quicksand (Dreich, 2020) and Balancing Act (The Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2021). Poetry Website: