The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Let's Have an Adventure

Listen to Shaun read his poem ...
Let’s have an adventure
We needn’t travel far
We’ll go into the back yard
Pretending that it’s Mars

You be the explorer
And I can be the guide
Who tells you when to stand and fight
And when to run and hide

The ground is molten lava
The bushes are all beasts
And if we aren’t careful
They’ll have us for a feast

Those little stones are jewels
That pulse with magic power
We better get them quickly
Dinner starts in half an hour

I see a knobby tree trunk
That will make a perfect throne
But look out for those landmines
Disguised as old pinecones

And now the final battle
The enemy is falling
But we’ll have to finish next time
I think I hear Mom calling...

About the Writer

Shaun Jex

Shaun is a writer from Dallas, Texas. He previously worked as editor and journalist for the Citizens' Advocate newspaper. His work has also appeared in publications like Celebrations Magazine and Old School Gamer Magazine.