The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Leave it to Wind

Listen to Julie read her poem ...
Wind came through my window
took an hour to lock it in,
thought I’d use its brushes and whisks
to clean up this mess, I grinned (tidy my bedroom).

It sucked up the dust and dirt
blew my toys into a box,
whirled my books on top of a shelf
like a clown juggling his props (and in alphabetical order).

Mum decided to join the fun
tugged it to the kitchen downstairs,
where it swirled the cups in our kitchen sink
with bubbles as big as Mars (might even wash our car).

Trouble came, wind used too much puff
finished my homework on Houses,
it exhaled words too big for my book
sending them straight down Dad’s best trousers (think I’m in trouble).

Time to depart, I blustered to wind
think you’ve blown your last huff,
I’ll see you again, when the weather decides
right now, you’re getting far too rough (I’m not scared really).

Wind’s face was an earthquake shaking
hired a bulldozer to drag it outside,
thought it would blast my family away,
but it howled and howled and howled (miss you too wind).

About the Writer

Julie Stevens

Julie writes poems that sometimes reflect the impact MS has on her life. Her poems have been published many times online and in print. Her poem If I Can’t was a winning poem in Bespoke Verse’s National Poetry Day competition 2019. She has two published pamphlets, Quicksand (2020) and Balancing Act (2021). Website: