The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Leader of Crowns

to the one who is always in my heart
first fruit budding, gradually greening
manifest masterpiece of form and art
so suckling still, this stem-stock burgeoning
verily, greatness cusps in your being
for you are pristine royalty my child.
may all of your days be happy and mild
of gold and rubies, yours is a rare find
on the day I first carried you, I smiled
lovingly and said, “may you find life kind.”
Picture copyright (©) Wilfred Ayogu 2024
Picture copyright (©) Wilfred Ayogu 2024

About the Writer

Yewande Akinse

Yewande is a poet and author of two collections of poems titled, "A tale of being, of green and of ing" (2019) and Voices: a collection of poems that tell stories (2016).