The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Lamb on the Lam

You know that lambs tend to stray.
Barnabas the lamb liked to run away!
He loved when he could travel far.
Especially in a motor car.

His sheep family was at a loss!
Was every road meant to cross?
Clambering over the backyard fence,
grand adventures would commence.

At a busy road in the countryside,
Barnabas “BAAAAD!” for his ride.
Startled drivers slammed on their brakes.
“A lost lamb for goodness sakes!”

They’d pick him up and say “Tsk tsk!”
“Why does a lamb take such a risk?”
Next day he’d escape from his pen,
out he’d head to hitchhike again.

Staying put was just not in his power,
He preferred to zoom sixty miles an hour.
Mom had an idea her lamb might like.
Why not ride on old farmer’s bike?

From the basket on the handlebars,
Barnabas waves to passing cars.
Seeing sights. Staying safe and well.
He sometimes even rings the bell.

About the Writer

Moe Phillips

Moe is a poet, writer and filmmaker. Recipient of a Gold Clio in 2019, for her work with Disney, she has been published in over twenty anthologies for children and adults. She is a regular contributor to Bella Grace Magazine. Moe has created short films for award winning poets - Naomi Shihab Nye, Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Georgia Heard. Her latest creation is “The Feisty Beast” an audio content series she pens and produces.