The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Listen to Brian's poem ... read by JH
You’d better not take a selfie
with the dragon they call komodo
or hocus-pocus, diplodocus,
you’ll be more dead than a dodo.

He won’t be a photo in your family book
even if you ask him nicely.
The look he gives you shouldn’t be ignored,
his expression is simply icy.

He won’t be your dancing partner
in your holiday video,
he can’t be tamed & ridden
in some wild west rodeo.

It’s no good trying to persuade him,
he’s always in a bad mood,
and don’t call round when he’s eating,
asking to share his food.

It’s senseless to risk being headless
when he closes his mighty jaws
or find that you’re suddenly swiped
by a flick from his wicked claws.

Oh komodo, no komodo,
if what I hear is true,
nothing but another komodo
should risk getting close to you.

About the Writer

Brian Moses

Brian is an English poet who writes mainly for children. He has over 200 published works and has given over 3000 performances of his poetry and percussion show. His poetry books and anthologies for Macmillan have sold in excess of 1 million copies. He was asked by CBBC to write a poem for the Queen's 80th birthday and was invited by Prince Charles to speak at Prince’s Summer School for teachers at Cambridge University in 2007. Brian is Co-director of the Able Writers’ Scheme which he founded in 2002. Brian can be contacted at