The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Knitting with Granny

Listen to Helen read her poem ...
What are you knitting, Granny?
To be honest, I can’t always see.
Is it a jumper for Grandad?
I think it looks a bit big for me!

Perhaps it’s a tea cosy for Aunty Lou,
Or a sparkly jumper for daughter Sue,
Or a pair of socks for Uncle Joe,
Just be careful there’s no holes in the toe!

What are you knitting, Granny?
I hope you have enough wool.
Would you like me to help with the winding?
I’ll take this end and give it a pull!

Perhaps it’s a shawl for new baby Sam,
Or a beautiful blanket to put in the pram.
Perhaps it’s a scarf to reach down to my knees,
That would be wonderful, oh Gran, yes please!

What are you knitting, Granny?
I wish I could knit like you.
Then we could sit together
And make something completely brand new!

About the Writer

Helen Openshaw

Helen is a Drama and English teacher from Cumbria. She enjoys writing poetry and plays and inspiring her students to write. She has had a short monologue commissioned by Knock and Nash Productions. Recently published and upcoming poetry work in Secret Chords by Folklore publishing, Green Ink Poetry magazine, Open Door magazine and Fragmented Voices.