The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Johnny and the Red Balloon

When Johnny had a red balloon
he loved with all his might,
it slipped between his fingertips
and floated out of sight.

He wept aloud when it was gone
and wished that he could fly,
so he could get it back again
and take it from the sky.

Balloon was sadly drifting off.
He missed his Johnny too.
And so, Balloon appealed to Spring:
“What’s something you can do?”

A raincloud formed. The sky went dark.
Balloon approached a tree.
Wind gently blew him down and down.
Drops pelted fast and free.

Well Johnny ran for cover then,
But something caught his eyes.
His red balloon was hovering,
and next the best surprise…

Balloon sank into Johnny’s arms!
The rain went far away.
The sun was shining once again,
and Spring had saved the day.

About the Writer

Michelle S Kennedy

Michelle is an American children’s picture book writer and poet, wife, mother, and interior decorator. She is a local liaison for SCBWI, a member of 12x12 Picture Book Challenge and Making Room for Rhyme Writer’s Group. She is a 2022, PB Party Finalist and her poetry for children has won several honorable mentions in various contests, including the 2022, ‘50 Precious Words Contest’. She lives in Georgia in the United States with her family, cat and a handful of hermit crabs and is currently querying agents for representation of her work.