The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

It’s All In A Book

You can want for adventure, romance or desire.
You can wish all you want and get lost in the mire.
You can go to the shops and scour every shelf.
You can ask for assistance or look by yourself.
You can search for a dragon, though lost in our history.
You can look for a hero, shrouded in mystery.
You can live in a fantasy or look for some action.
You can ponder the answer to life to distraction.
You can look for some meaning, contained in a poem.
You can talk it all through or just think on your own.
You can make this so easy, so go take a look.
You can go to the library, it’s all in a book.

About the Writer

Kenny Davitt

Kenny has worked with children and played with words for more years than he cares to remember. An avid book collector and lover of children’s fiction, he now volunteers in a school, helping to spread the love of reading.