The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Listen to Harula read her poem ...
I’m sick with inside-itis!
Not to worry,
some out-n-about-hop-it
ought to knock it on the head.

I climb into trees
branches covered with leaves,
that dance to the birdsong
and tickle the breeze.

I can’t speak Bird yet,
but I just know they’re singing,
“They’re coming! Quick quick!
Let’s get entertaining!”

I play name the bug,
my face feels the sun.
Recovering from inside-itis
is fun!

About the Writer

Harula Ladd

Harula published her first book of poetry aged 10, using her Dad's new photocopier and a handy stapler! Currently living in Plymouth with a cat named Wendy, Harula is a regular performer on the South West open mic scene and loves writing on the spot poems for the public in just three minutes! Her poem, Skin, was recently nominated for the Pushcart prize. This is her first published outing as a writer of poetry for children!