The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


When they scuttle from a puddle or they scatter from the light
Or they wriggle, squirm or squiggle, they can give a kid a fright.
But each BUG’ll live and struggle each and ev’ry single day
As they scramble ‘neath a bramble getting out of danger’s way.
Oh, each BEETLE that you meet’ll have its armor on its back.
There’s a humble little BUMBLE BEE adorned in gold and black.
And the CHRYSALIS you miss’ll be the one up in the eave,
But the marvel that that LARVAL thing becomes you won’t believe!
Maybe GRUB’ll grow and double up their size in just a day,
But a THRIP’ll get to triple of itself by eating hay.
Now, a FLEA’ll be a real irritation for your pet,
And a WORM’ll keep its dermal layer slimy, moist and wet.
Busy ANT’ll climb a mantle for a crumb that’s left on top,
But a FLY’ll eat a pile of disgusting stinky slop.
Any cloth’ll do, but MOTH’ll choose a woolen thing to snack.
A sad MIDGE’ll hold a vigil for the one’s that got a smack.
Pastor WASP’ll buzz his gospel to his stinging congregation,
While the GNAT’ll fight a battle to defend no-see-um nation.
And a little KATYDID’ll be so loud she wrecks your sleep,
While a TICK’ll sort of tickle till they burrow in too deep.
All the WEEVIL may seem evil but they’re harmless in your rice,
But a LOUSE’ll think your house’ll be a home for ALL the LICE.
Mister fickle WALKING STICK’ll only move when he desires,
And that little thug, the SPITTLE BUG could prob’ly put out fires.
One good whack’ll stop the crackle of a buzzing thing with wings,
But a shoo’ll start a duel with an angry swarm that stings.
Though their life’ll seem a trifle to the folks of our size,
Their survival, NEST to HIVE’ll prove essential to the wise.

About the Writer

Erik Asbjorn

Formerly a graphic design professional and currently working as an adventure guide at a zoo, Erik has hesitantly begun sharing his lifelong writing passion with the world. Strongly influenced by writers such as Seuss and Silverstein, he tends to gravitate towards the silly, profound and exploratory in his tales and poems.