The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

If you’re gonna be a reindeer

If you’re gonna be a reindeer
Be the showy glowy kind,
The kind who kicks up snow
And leaves the others far behind.

The kind who wears a boa
To keep glamorous and warm,
Who gets the whole room laughing,
Who is always in good form.

The kind who adds the ice cream
To the bowl of apple pie,
Who does a pirouette
As he is hurtling through the sky.

The kind who sits beside you
Anytime you’re feeling low,
The goofy guy you’re really glad
You took the time to know.

If you’re gonna be a reindeer,
If you’re even gonna try,
Be a hootin’ tootin’
Happy kind of guy.

About the Writer

Ciara OConnor

Ciara O'Connor writes poems and middle-grade stories for children. In May, she won the Caterpillar Poetry Prize. She lives near the sea on the east coast of Ireland and she completely loves Christmas, especially those lazy 'in between' days when there's nothing to do but eat, sleep and talk to your dog.