The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

If Truth be Told

Listen to Huw read his poem ...
There and back in a day
was a little ambitious, if truth
be told, for Joe and his brother –

a quick trip to Antarctica
to see the Emperor Penguins,
but not the Polar Bears
which, as we all know, live
on the other side of the world,

both surprisingly fine
on the outbound boat though one
was a little sick in the bus
that brought them home.

“You’re early”, said Mum,
surprised to see them back so soon,
“did you have a nice time?”

“We had a lovely time” they beamed
through tired smiles, but it seems
that a blue and white dog got frostbite
on his nose and wondered just what
there might be for tea.

About the Writer

Huw Gwynn-Jones

Huw comes from a line of prize-winning poets in the Welsh bardic tradition, but until his recent retirement to Orkney, had never written a line himself. His work has appeared in Amethyst Review’, ‘Marble Poetry’, ‘One Hand Clapping’, ‘Drawn to the Light Press’ and ‘Dreich Magazine’. His debut pamphlet ‘The Art of Counting Stars’ will be published later in 2021.