The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

If Books were Elephants

I’d like to borrow
an elephant please

Shelves are groaning
Trumpeting flapping
Trunks extend as the
Hands out buns from a
Wheelie bin

Any particular
size you’re after?

I want to learn about
Bush and forest
How to lift water
Use my teeth as
Weapons, how to
Flap my ears

I want to trace
the folds of its hide

I want to ride
On its massive back
Stride and lord it
Nudge-open doors
Make an entrance
Wherever we go

I want to know
What elephants know
And never forget
I want to go
Where elephants go
And haven’t been yet

Browse and graze
Feed on leaves
From morning to night
Tackle savannahs
Deserts and marshes
Live in the wild

For together
We are invincible

About the Writer

Heather Wastie

Heather is a poet and musician from the Black Country. She now lives in Kidderminster, Worcestershire where she was Writer in Residence at the Museum of Carpet in 2013 and Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2015/16, She has performed extensively across the UK and has published eight poetry collections. For more see