The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

I wander

A wandering cloud is no lonely thing,
For it floats in a world of its own.

And a wandering soul might not be lost,
Though it seems that it wanders alone.

A wandering mind is likely to find,
Whole worlds waiting just out of view.

Those who wander find wonder,
So promise me please,
That you’ll be a wanderer too.

About the Writer

Ruth Stevenson

Ruth grew up in the Wild West of Ireland telling tall tales and having adventures real and imagined. She enjoys writing stories and poems for children and is a little obsessed with the sea. If she ever grows up she hopes to be a children's writer, but until then she is happy working as a primary school teacher. Her stories have been shortlisted in the Writementor Magazine short story competition and the Searchlight Children's Writers Award and she has featured on several Book Jive Live events. She is currently studying with The Golden Egg Academy.