The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

I am a Ginger Biscuit

Listen to Jonathan's poem ...
I am a ginger biscuit;
I should be crisp and light,
but I feel somewhat soggy
'cos I've been left out all night ...

I am a Garibaldi;
I’m tasty through and through.
Down Under I’m called Full O’Fruit
and squashed fly biscuit too …

I am a brave digestive,
as scrumptious as can be
and stoic for I know I’m due
a dunking in your tea …

I am a mint club biscuit,
the one they used to pick
in times gone by when I was layered
with chocolate twice as thick ...

I am a sad pink wafer,
forlorn as here I wait.
Experience has told me I’ll
be left upon the plate …

I am a Peak Freans bourbon
with choccy buttercream.
To some I am the biscuit known as
tea dunker supreme …

I am a chocolate finger.
My time is often short.
I don’t last long once everyone’s
aware that I’ve been bought …

Behold the queen of biscuits,
a royal biscuit dream;
I have no equal for I am
a Co-op custard cream …

I am a doggy biscuit.
I hope that I’ll be savoured.
I see old Fido’s drooling
for I’m tripe and liver flavoured …

About the Writer

Jonathan Humble

Jonathan lives in Cumbria. His work has been published online and in print in a number of magazines and anthologies. His first collection of poetry, My Camel's Name Is Brian, was published by TMB Books in 2015. His second poetry book, Fledge came out in 2020 through Maytree Press, but is no longer available. His poems for children have been shortlisted and highly commended in the Caterpillar and Yorkmix poetry competitions and he is the editor of The Dirigible Balloon. His poem Masterclass was chosen as the Milk House Poem of the year at the end of 2022.