The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

I Wonder

I wonder where I came from
I wonder where?
I wonder why the sky is blue
and who lives there
and when I’ll learn to fly
and when the burning sun
will sink and die
and why.

I wonder when I’ll turn into a mouse
I wonder when?
I wonder who my mousey friends will be
and then
I wonder how I’ll turn right back again
be snug and warm
in my own safe house.

I wonder why I grow
I wonder why?
I wonder when I’ll stop
and will I be
tall as a tree
and shake my leaves
above the tiled rooftop
and what my mum will say, when she walks by,
and wonders why.

I wonder why my tears are salty
like the sea?
I wonder why they drip like rain
and why there’s so much water
stored inside of me.
and why the lakes are blue or grey
and where the rows of ducklings go
at the dusky end of day.

I wonder where the fairies live
and if their lunch is
cupcakes, crisps or cheese?
And who looks after butterflies
and why there is a breeze
and whether angels float away
on clouds as big as seas.

I wonder why when I ask these things
my parents turn away
and why they’re always busy
when I just want them to play
and why Big Bear is always there
and never tells me, ‘No’
and lets me squeeze and cuddle him
and always loves me so.

I wonder where
I wonder what
I wonder when
I wonder how
and who I am.
But most of all I wonder why.
Why one day sun, the next day rain
Why I hurt my thumb
Why it causes pain
Why bees buzz
Why honey’s sweet

Why floorboards creak
Why my bed’s nice and warm
Why pussycats pad on velvety paws
Why grown-ups don’t like fingers placed near doors,
Why freezing rain turns into snow.

Why are there so many things
I really want to know?

About the Writer

Barbara Bleiman

Barbara is an ex-English teacher and writer of adult and YA fiction, with two novels published and a recent collection of short stories for adults, Kremlinology of Kisses. Barbara has an anthology of short stories for secondary school students coming out in the autumn via the English and Media Centre where she works.