The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

I Want to Ride That Pony

I want to ride that pony.
Please let me ride it.
Why do I have to stand in a queue?
I want to ride it now.

Will it gallop?
Please let it gallop.
Why won’t they let me gallop on it?

Oh, look. I’m nearly at the front of the queue!


I don’t want to ride that pony.
Please don’t make me ride it!
Why can’t I go to the back of the queue?
I don’t want to ride it now!

Will it gallop?
I don’t want it to gallop.
Will they stop it from galloping?

Oh no. I’m at the front of the queue!

I’ve ridden that pony.
I’m so glad I rode it.
I’m so pleased I stood and waited in that queue.
I rode that pony.

It didn’t gallop, though.
I wish it had galloped.
They should have let it gallop.
I’m brave enough for a galloping pony,
Will they let it gallop next time?

I want to ride that pony again.

About the Writer

Barbara Bleiman

Barbara is an ex-English teacher and writer of adult and YA fiction, with two novels published and a recent collection of short stories for adults, Kremlinology of Kisses. Barbara has an anthology of short stories for secondary school students coming out in the autumn via the English and Media Centre where she works.