The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

I Told a Lie

I told a lie in school today
cos everyone had gone away
but Mum had work, so Nan had us.
We only travelled on a bus.

The other kids took ferries, trains,
camper vans and aeroplanes.
They went to Paris, Pakistan,
Ireland and the Isle of Man.

They stayed in cottages and tents,
or posh hotels – spared no expense.
They saw the sights; they swam in lakes.
In cafes, ate delicious cakes.

When it was my turn to speak,
I felt a flush rise in my cheeks.
It seemed like they’d all had a ball,
while I had not done much at all.

So out it came – a big fat lie,
and all while I tried not to cry.
I made up places that I’d been.
I said I’d gone by submarine!

I told them things I saw and ate,
I even told them times and dates!
I knew they knew it wasn’t true
but once I started, it just grew!

Exotic foods, and mountains high,
jungle treks and deserts dry,
pony rides and castle tours,
picnicking on windy moors.

I made it up, but all I said
were things I learned from books I’d read.
The thing is, that a book can be
the only way to travel, see?

About the Writer

Fi Calvert

Fi is a primary school teacher by day and a poet by night. She had two poems commended in the YorkMix Poems for Children Competition 2021 and has had a poem about a tardigrade published in The Caterpillar. She loves to write poetry for children in the hope they might relate, laugh or both. Her favourite poems to write are inspired by funny or grumpy things her children say.