The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

I Don’t Like Tomatoes

Ketchup makes my tastebuds sing!
It gives my food an extra zing.
I add a lot to everything.
Ketchup is the best!

Spaghetti sauce is yummy yum.
Get those noodles in my tum!
Sauce on pasta makes me hum.
I am sauce-obsessed!

Sloppy joes? Well, they’re delicious!
Super scrumptious and nutritious!
Sloppy sauce fills up our dishes.
Yummy sloppy joes!

What’s this red thing on my plate?
Juice and seeds? I hesitate.
I think it’s something I will hate.



About the Writer

Katrina Swenson

Katrina lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States of America. When she’s not working at her day-job, she loves writing poems, spending time with her family, and scouring all types of wilderness for interesting plants, animals, bugs, and rocks (because who doesn’t love a good rock?). You can often find her reading a good book or drinking a nice cup of tea, or volunteering at her children’s schools, which she finds tremendously fun.