The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

I Can !

I can roar with dinosaurs or brave a dragon’s lair
or trail a misty forest floor for breakfast with a bear.
I can pat a unicorn or find a mermaid pool
or ride a magic carpet rug and still be back for school.

I can cast a wizard’s spell or venture where gnomes roam
or wade across a steamy swamp towards an ogre’s home.
I can search for treasure troves or turn a magic key
or jump aboard a pirate ship and still be back for tea.

I can follow Rudolph’s nose or feed a dodo’s beak
or give my beanie to a Yeti on a mountain peak.
I can vanish in a flash or freeze like stone instead
or climb a beanstalk to the clouds and still be back for bed.

About the Writer

Alison A Ferguson

Alison grew up in England. After much travel, she settled in Western Australia to raise a family and continue her career as a primary school teacher. Alison writes picture book texts, short stories and poems for young readers. Her short stories and poems have been published in children's literary magazines. Alison will be on cloud nine if her writings can spark conversations and help nurture creative and curious minds.