The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Horrible Giant

I’ll tell of a horrible giant
whose footprints leave lakes in the land.
His stomps cause terrible earthquakes.
He blocks out the moon with his hand.

His favorite dish is ocean soup
seasoned with pinecones and worms.
And sometimes, for a midnight snack
he’ll munch a bowl of pachyderms.

He uses the sun to toast his bread.
He winks out the stars with a pinch.
His sneeze gets a hurricane blowing
and for him a square mile’s just an inch.

In case you should fear that you’ll meet him
I assure you, there’s nothing to dread
cause’ I doubt that this horrible giant
will ever escape from my head.

About the Writer

Rebecca J Gomez

Rebecca has been writing poetry since she was old enough to know what a poem is. When she’s not writing, she enjoys drawing, reading, and long walks in the woods with her husband and two small dogs. She lives in Nebraska.