The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Holiday Begins

We pack the luggage
Strap down the plates and mugs
Lift the steps, close the door
And away

We trundle along the roads
Miles of motorways lay ahead
Let's get the first 100 done
A good start

Services stop
The smell of diesel and bacon
Sandwiches in the van

Have you all been to the loo?
Yes, yes nods all around
Everything secured?
Yes, Yes and away

Now the pretty roads
Curving meandering roads
Up green hills
Through bracken rich moors

The scenic route
Longer, but look how nice
The views, the landscape
A picnic spot, ah lunch

On once more
The final leg
Look for the sea
The first to spot it wins

Slow now, barely 30
Look for the sign
Don't miss it
Turn, turn now

Parked up, safe
Everyone out, unpack and relax
Breathe in the sea air
Chairs out, table unfolded

Barbecue lit,
Smelling so good
Burgers for all
Ice cold drinks

The start of a holiday
A long drive
An early night
A fresh air sleep so deep

About the Writer

Laura Fowler

Laura is a 36 year old mother of two who lives with her partner and their children in King's Lynn Norfolk. She has been writing since she was a child but only recently started submitting her work for publication. She has had a flash fiction published in the horror anthology 206 Bones from Bag of Bones Press, a poem published in Lavender Lime Literary magazine and had a poem chosen for the Jo Cox memorial poetry fest.