The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Head in the Clouds

Teacher says,
Get your head out,
Right out,
Out of the clouds.

Nothing good can come
From having a head
Stuck in the clouds,
He says.

Before I take my head
Out of the clouds
I look around,
Around at the clouds.

And I see magicians
And dancers
I see movers
And makers

In the clouds
I see mysteries for solving
Stories for telling
Challenges for taking
Lives for saving
Questions for wondering
And my head
In the clouds,

Exactly where it belongs.

About the Writer

Charlie Bown

Charlie has seven rainbow fish, a hamster called Curious and two human children who put pants on their heads and wellies in the washing machine. Her first poetry collection for children, ‘There’s a Poem in my Dungarees!’, was published last year. She loves playing and being silly - with words and in real life.