The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Barn resider
Graceful glider

Fast flitter
Sky orbiter

Skillful swooper

Grass skimmer
Rain swimmer

Fork-tailed diver
Summer arriver

Gnat snatcher
Supper catcher

In-flight natterer
Chirruping chatterer

Can you guess?
I’m a swallow, yes!

About the Writer

Jacqueline Shirtliff

Jacqueline is a primary school teacher on the Isle of Man. She is passionate about instilling a love of poetry and reading in the children she teaches and encouraging them to be writers themselves. She lives with her husband and youngest son in a rose-covered cottage near the sea, and when she's not teaching or writing she enjoys gardening, crochet and playing the tuba and harp, but not all at the same time!