The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Going Camping

Listen to Gaynor read her poem ...
‘Fiddlesticks and flippers!’ said Coraline to Jack.
‘We’re going on this camping trip, and I forgot to pack
my toothbrush and my towel. And did I bring the soap?
Wait a minute. I’ll just check. Have I got it? … Nope!

‘Daisy chains and doughnuts! I didn’t bring spare socks.
I meant to bring my flashlight too but left it in its box.
I didn’t bring the frying pan, the sausages, the cheese,
the camping stove, my bedding roll … How could I leave all these?

‘I think I left the tent pegs in the kitchen by the door.
It doesn’t matter, ‘cos I left the mallet on the floor.
Pepperpots and pumpkins! Of all the things I meant
to bring with me, how could I leave my brand new camping tent?

‘Oh, Jack! We should have made a list of all the things to pack!’
But Coraline had no reply ...
She’d forgotten to bring Jack.

About the Writer

Gaynor Andrews

Gaynor was a primary teacher for many years, teaching in schools across the UK, as well as Thailand and France. She now lives in the Scottish Highlands, writing educational resources by day and stories and poems by night. Gaynor loves the rhythm of language and she has a particular passion for rhyme. Her poetry has appeared in the Caterpillar magazine and her debut, rhyming picture book will be published in 2023/24.