The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Going Camping

Listen to Gaynor read her poem ...
‘Fiddlesticks and flippers!’ said Coraline to Jack.
‘We’re going on this camping trip, and I forgot to pack
my toothbrush and my towel. And did I bring the soap?
Wait a minute. I’ll just check. Have I got it? … Nope!

‘Daisy chains and doughnuts! I didn’t bring spare socks.
I meant to bring my flashlight too but left it in its box.
I didn’t bring the frying pan, the sausages, the cheese,
the camping stove, my bedding roll … How could I leave all these?

‘I think I left the tent pegs in the kitchen by the door.
It doesn’t matter, ‘cos I left the mallet on the floor.
Pepperpots and pumpkins! Of all the things I meant
to bring with me, how could I leave my brand new camping tent?

‘Oh, Jack! We should have made a list of all the things to pack!’
But Coraline had no reply ...
She’d forgotten to bring Jack.

About the Writer

Gaynor Andrews

Gaynor is a primary teacher who has taught in schools across the UK, as well as Thailand and France. Gaynor loves the rhythm of language and she has a particular passion for rhyme. She is a member of SCBWI and her picture books are represented by Kate Scarborough, Tyilds Agency. Gaynor was long listed for the Write Mentor Children’s Novel Award, shortlisted for a flash fiction entry and a winner in Vivian Kirkfield’s 50 Precious Words competition.