The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Gingerbread City

A very warm welcome to Gingerbread City
We’re iced and we’re spiced and we’re ever so pretty
We’ve gingerbread houses and gingerbread shops
Gingerbread buses at gingerbread stops
Rainbows of candy and rivers of sweets
Bedeck and bedazzle our gingerbread streets
Come to the salon to spice up your hair
Ride on the wheel at the gingerbread fair
Deposit your dough in the gingerbread bank
Forget architects, we’ve got bakers to thank
For a city so pretty, on sweetness it’s powered
Wonderful, whimsical, dainty ... devoured.

About the Writer

Rebecca Loveday

Rebecca is an emerging children’s poet from Portsmouth, England. She loves writing in rhyme and storytelling through poetry. Rebecca also works in a nursery where she supports children with additional needs. She lives by the sea in a house filled with interestingly-shaped pebbles and too many notebooks.