The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Ghost in the Machine

Listen to Lesley read her poem ...
I am the Avatar of Alliteration
The ghastly Geist of ghoulish memes
The Tik-Tok tactic of anticipation
The silent stalker of suspicious Zines

I am the Zen denizen of Zoom
The deadly double-click of doom
The hapless horror, haunting all your screens…
I am the Ghost in the Machine.

About the Writer

Lesley James

Lesley writes for young people and less young people. Many of her stories and poems for children are set in Lesley’s Garden, where a cast of birds, beasts and minibeasts live. She loves playing with words - rhythms, rhymes, tongue-twisters - and telling real tales. Nothing is more funny, thrilling or entertaining than the real life you can see from your own window.