The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Listen to Niall's poem ... read by JH
A port man what?
The class exclaim
so the teacher explains:

A portmanteau is a labradoodle
who likes to wear jeggings
while munching banoffee pie
for brunch, with a spork …

The pupils faces are blank emoticons.

… or it could just be
a ginormous old suitcase.

Completely confuzzled
they demand the teacher to pack it in.

About the Writer

Niall M. Oliver

Niall is an Irish writer who lives in Co. Derry with his wife and sons. His pamphlet 'My Boss' was published by Hedgehog Poetry Press last year, and he has had poems in Acumen, The Honest Ulsterman, 192 Magazine, Fly On The Wall Press, Ink Sweat & Tears, and many others.