The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Florida Fauna

Listen to Karen ...
I know you’re a bit scared,
but you really shouldn’t be.
All the animals here are made
to welcome you with glee.
Let me give you a few examples:

Do you see that alligator
resting by that muddy shore?
He will be your navigator
as you set out to explore.

Do you see that hissing rattlesnake
shaking her tail to and fro?
She’s just hungry for some cake
she was promised long ago.

What about those mean mosquitos
trying to rest on your lap?
Just share with them some Cheetos
and let them take a nap.

And that small black and red spider
making her web late at night?
There’s a lot of love inside her
if you treat her heart just right.

Every animal here is a treasure
hiding under a mean disguise,
though if one doesn’t show much pleasure,
you better get ready to improvise!

About the Writer

Karen Gonzalez-Videla

Karen is an Argentinian writer living in Florida. She writes for all ages, but enjoys writing for children the most. She’s usually hiding among the animals and plants and finds them much nicer than people. Twitter @Gv12Karen Website