The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Flight of the Moon

A serrated silver coin sails on an inky ocean -
Plays hide and seek with dolphins,
between long floating fronds of kelp.
Peers curiously at his double flying high
in a cappuccino froth of clouds and galaxies,
so bright, so sharp, so clear and definite.
In the wake of a distant boat a luminescent trail glitters -
long echo of a comet’s short-lived tail.
The moon in his ceaseless flight does not pause,
yet wonders whose beauty is more rare.

About the Writer

Kit Weston

Kit is a primary teacher, enthusiastic reader and creative writer. Time with her class during lock-down (Badgers, you know who you are!) was the kick-start needed to take writing more seriously. Kit is now a librarian and spends a lot of time writing and uniting children with the book that will be ‘The One’ to convert them into avid readers.