The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Choppy ocean,
sudden storm,
rolling clouds,
cold meets warm.

Swirling whirlwinds,
shallow sea,
spinning funnel,
fish fly free!

Lifted by a waterspout,
blown by a gale,
soaring over sandy shores,
swift winds prevail.

Miles of travel,
air speeds slow.
It’s raining fish …
Look out below!

About the Writer

Deb Reidy

Deb is a former elementary teacher. When in the classroom, she enjoyed sharing the wonders of poetry with her students. Her work has been published in Cricket and Highlights magazines and the poetry anthology Hop to It. Deb is also the author of two education resource books. Her many years of teaching, as well as her interactions with young family members and neighborhood children, are often inspiration for her poems.