The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Excuse Note

My brain is at capacity!
It’s bursting at the seams.
I bet it holds a hundred jokes,
Plus tons of funny memes.

It knows the names of presidents
And how to ride a bike.
It’s packed with facts on dinosaurs
And movie stars I like.

It stores my sister’s birthday too.
(She’d hate if I forgot.)
In short, it’s crammed with everything
I think I ever thought.

And so, you see, it’s not my style
To whine, complain, or rant.
But memorize these spelling words?
I fear I simply can’t.

About the Writer

Jesse Anna Bornemann

Jesse credits her love of rhyming to a childhood spent listening to Broadway musicals and tolerating her dad's terrible puns. Her poems have appeared in Highlights for Children, Spider and publications of The School Magazine. She lives in Tennessee with her husband and two small poetry critics, ages 8 and 3.