The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Eviction Notice

Listen to Anna-Marie read her poem ...
Worry hid inside my jam
I spread him on my toast.
He clung on like a ninja,
like a stamp sticks to the post.

He spidered across the roof of my mouth,
made a swing-set of my tonsils,
surfed a crust down the tunnel slide
in search of his apostles.

Along the way he met his friend,
her name was Nervous Nellie.
They woke up all the butterflies
that lived inside my belly.

Panic was drumming a salsa beat
on the chambers of my heart,
heard news through the vein-vine -
a party was about to start.

He charged along to join them
and together they made a train.
They danced the Locomotion
along the network of my veins.

While they kicked and flicked their giddy legs
my knees had turned to jelly,
my words had turned to dust
and my palms were really sweaty.

They were messing up my system.
Things had gotten out of hand.
The time had come to evict them.
It was time to take a stand.

So now it’s time to say goodbye.
Bon voyage! So long! Be gone!
If they do come back to visit
I won’t let them stay for long.

About the Writer

Anna-Marie Maher

Anna-Marie Maher is a poet and musician living in Waterford, Ireland. Her poems have been published in The Caterpillar Magazine, Crannog, The Waxed Lemon and online. She is seeking representation for her recently completed children’s verse novel.