The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Listen to Sally's poem ... read by JH
You do not see when I am there,
My footsteps make no sound.
I slip softly by you, unaware,
And my home is underground.

I squeeze through places you can’t see
And nobody remembers me,

For my ears are small
My tail is thin
My whiskers are minute.

My fur is dull
My paws are weak
And my squeak is almost mute.

But do not doubt me
Don’t ignore me
And please don’t call me cute.

For I have something you can’t see,
Something strong inside of me.
You may think I’m just a dormouse
But you can trust me: I’m enormouse!

About the Writer

Sally Roberts

Sally is an English Teacher living and working in Puglia in the South of Italy. She writes poems and short stories for both children and adults, some of which have been published in The Caterpillar, Glasgow Review of Books, Cultured Vultures and daCuhna. At the moment, she is writing about short films for the magazine Short Focus. She enjoys working with children and swimming in the sea as much as possible.