The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Empty Christmas Stocking

Hanging there limp, in an attitude mocking
Over the mantel its presence can be felt.
Nothing so sad as my old empty stocking,
just waiting to see what hand fate may have dealt.
Behaviour’s been good - at least not too shocking,
So, Santa’s great all-knowing heart may just melt?
Saint Nick please forgive me my failings and faults
Don’t believe all they say in my school reports!

About the Writer

Kit Weston

Former primary teacher and school librarian, Kit is an enthusiastic reader and creative writer, who runs poetry workshops for children. Living in The Garden of England, she takes inspiration from everything – though the natural world and the children she is privileged to teach do feature. Her poetry has appeared here (The Dirigible Balloon), Parakeet Magazine and has been used in schools from Tonbridge to Bristol! One of her poems has recently been translated into Croatian on behalf of JAR a Juvenile Arthritis Research charity, very close to her heart! You can find her @Kit_weston1.