The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Elegy for a Lunchbox

I’m accidentally jammed behind a warm radiator
Next to an old sock and a broken eraser.
Inside my innards, carbon dioxide is forming
My yoghurty contents have been fizzing all morning.
My crusts are all green and getting quite hairy
What’s happened to the apple is positively scary;
It’s wrinkled like an elephant and going quite mushy
whilst my cucumber sticks are liquid and slushy.
I thought for a moment, someone had come to retrieve me
But I’m really not sure my owner wants to receive me
My biscuits are soggy, the crisps salty dust
I’m past all help, but suppose that I must
pull myself together and try not to cry
this is the place where packed lunches come to die.

About the Writer

Kit Weston

Kit is a primary teacher, enthusiastic reader and creative writer. Time with her class during lock-down (Badgers, you know who you are!) was the kick-start needed to take writing more seriously. Kit is now a librarian and spends a lot of time writing and uniting children with the book that will be ‘The One’ to convert them into avid readers.