The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Elastic Days

Listen to Paula reading her poem ...
Elastic days,
brimming with promise.
School bags gather dust
while we gather possibilities
and string them, jewel-like,
across six weeks.
Net curtains billow,
ushering rose-petal breezes;
summer drifting in
to beckon us out.
Grass cuttings and grazed knees.
My bike,
no longer a wheeled thing
but a living, breathing creature
with mane and tail.
We gallop to the park,
my sister and me.
to do anything
and nothing.
We lie on our backs,
grass prickling our legs,
heads craned to the sky.
And the whole world tilts.
This never-ending summer.

About the Writer

Paula Thompson

Paula wrote her first story aged seven on her mum’s old typewriter - and has been writing ever since. As a newspaper journalist she has written for a variety of publications, but her true passion is creating poems and stories for children (you might have seen some of them in The Caterpillar magazine). She recently graduated with distinction from The University of Winchester’s MA in Writing for Children and is very excited to take flight on The Dirigible Balloon!