The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Ecliptic Kiss

‘Come dance with me’
said the sun to the moon
as he sank towards the sea,
‘then light my face
with silver grace’,
the darling moon made plea.

‘My lunar queen,
I’m glad you’re keen;
we’ll skip between the stars,
I’ll shine my rays
into your gaze
and move in from afar!’

‘Oh come to me,
my solar king’,
the blushing moon did say.
‘Your golden eyes
are worldly wise;
they turn the night to day!’

The silver moon
embraced the sun
and kissed his fiery lips,
and as the earth
looked up with mirth
they shared a brief eclipse.

About the Writer

Michael Tyldesley

Michael lives in Lancashire, England and is the proud father of two little girls named Lucy and Isla. During the daytime, Michael works as a design engineer in the land of submarines. In the evenings and at weekends, he moonlights as a modest poet. His poetry has appeared in Snakeskin and Form in Formless Times chapbook. Michael has performed poetry for The Wordsworth Trust in the Lake District and for Vibe Union in Melbourne, Australia.