The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Eastern Amberwing Dragonfly

A flash of bright orange amber
Zigzagging across marshy delta

The tiniest amberwing dragonfly
Glowing with courage and pride

Wasp-like yellow and brown body
Defending its wetland territory

Luminous honey-winged flicks
Pest controller of flies and ticks

Guardian of purple pickerelweeds
Preys on critters feasting on seeds

Wiggle to the beat of a dance motif
Perched on a glossy green leaf

Fun Fact:
Eastern amberwing dragonflies mimic wasps by wiggling their bodies to warn off predators.

About the Writer

Josie De Falco

Josie grew up in a large Victorian house full of storytelling and plays with her big Italian/English family. Her inspiration is her children and childhood memories in the Yorkshire Dales, and seaside coast of Filey. Josie is an advocate for encouraging children to explore their imagination through nature and support mental wellbeing. Her childhood nickname is Tinker Bell and a fan of the poems Flower Fairies. Josie’s work has been featured in Parakeet, and forthcoming publication in a nature anthology.