The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Dream Flight

In my dreams
I fly
as easily and freely
as a seagull
or a hummingbird
or a wind-whispered word

In my dreams
I see the world
and know
I belong up here
with wings
unclipped by fear

In my dreams
I tightrope walk
along wispy contrails
feeling free
knowing the world below
is a giant marshmallow
that will catch me
if I fall

In my dreams
I sleep on clouds
unafraid of rolling out
because even if I do
I know …

In my dreams
when I’m falling
somewhere between cliffs
where eagles soar and glide
and the burrows below
where rabbits hop and hide
my wings
will sprout
and span
and grow

In my dreams
my dreams can’t die
In my dreams
I’ll always fly

About the Writer

Mark Bird

Mark lives in London but is originally from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. He is a teacher and children's writer. He has been published in Brian Moses' recent anthology: The Best Ever Book of Funny Poems as well as by Gill Education and The Caterpillar Magazine. His poem, “Halloween Date from Hell” is due to be published by Ventorros Press in 2022 and will be illustrated by Chris White. Mark has his own blog and website: