The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Dragonfly Sky

Everyone said it was a lie,
On the day I saw
a dragon fly.

But I knew he was there,
Because he flew
straight into my hair!

I shrieked and hollered and swatted away,
But Mr. Dragonfly
wanted to stay.

‘Go home you little flying bug,
Give someone else
your fluttery hug!’

The dragonfly's shiny head hung low,
Even his wings
lost their glow.

I felt sad for the tiny lug,
And gave his tail
a loving tug.

He rose back into the air with glee,
Gliding fast and
flying free…

My eyes grew wide and filled with wonder,
My body shook
with waves of thunder.

Better than a blockbuster feature,
I spied the most
magical creature.

Soaring high in the great big sky,
On the day I saw
a dragon fly.

About the Writer

Leigh Therriault

A bookworm at heart, Leigh has loved reading and creative writing ever since she was a child. Her work has been published in The Caterpillar, with another piece forthcoming in Cricket magazine. Leigh is a member of SCBWI and the Canadian Authors Association, where she also volunteers, assisting with communications for the National Capital Region. She lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her family near an enchanted library with a fountain that becomes a skating rink in the wintertime.