The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


How much fire does a dragonfly breathe?
How tiny are its scales?
Can it lash with its filament tail?
Or scratch with its minuscule nails?

Where might it find a princess to snare?
Could it carry a princess away?
Is anything scared of a dragonfly?
Is it really a creature of prey?

What does it do when a knight gallops near
hunting for dragons to slay?
Does it defiantly try to attack,
or wisely fly out of the way?

About the Writer

Kate ONeil

Kate O’Neil lives in the Illawarra region of NSW and writes poetry for children and adults. Her poems appear in magazines such as The NSW School Magazine and The Caterpillar, and anthologies by Roger McGough, Roger Stevens, Matt Goodfellow, Mandy Coe and The Emma Press. In 2018 her ‘Cool Poems: the Kate O’Neil Reciter’, was published by Triple D Books Wagga Wagga.