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Dragon X

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There’s a Dragon in the sky
Ridden by two fearless knights
Using superpowered satnavs
Hurtling up into the night

There’s a Dragon in the sky
With scales of Arctic white
Protecting it from forces
On its supersonic flight

There’s a Dragon in the sky
With not a wing in sight
How does it keep its course?
How does it gain its height?

There’s a Dragon in the sky
With flames so blazing bright
Shooting fire from its behind
I hope he’ll be alright
Picture by David Oates
Picture by David Oates

About David Oates, the illustrator: David is currently a teacher living and working in Suffolk with his wife, five children and 2 dogs. He picked up his drawing pens again in 2020 after a 23 year hiatus year to focus on achieving his childhood ambition of becoming an illustrator. His first children's book 'The Imagination Thief' is both written and illustrated by David and will be published in November 2021 by Emira Press.

About the Writer

Daniel Page

Daniel lives in Aylsham, Norfolk, and writes poetry for children about school life, history, science and the natural world. His work has been published in the ‘Places of Poetry’ anthology and several online journals.