The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Don't Just Walk!

Come for a lollop with Lesley ...
If a journey of ONE THOUSAND MILES
starts with a single step,
how would you start yours?
Would you
leap, lollop, lunge?
pirouette, pitter-patter, plunge?
teeter, totter, trip?
slide, slither, slip?
Would you
dawdle, dither, dance?
pounce, parade or prance?
waddle, wobble, wiggle?
race, rampage or wriggle?
You might
stride and slap your thigh,
you might
flutter, float or fly, but
one thing’s for certain,
although you’d stop to talk-
you might even laugh or giggle-
you should NEVER

About the Writer

Lesley James

Lesley writes for young people and less young people. Many of her stories and poems for children are set in Lesley’s Garden, where a cast of birds, beasts and minibeasts live. She loves playing with words - rhythms, rhymes, tongue-twisters - and telling real tales. Nothing is more funny, thrilling or entertaining than the real life you can see from your own window.